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A Panther's Father-Book One

by James Brown

rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)

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Granny Z, or Zella Roosevelt, is a 105 year old storyteller living in New York City. On most days, she labors at her appointed task of telling young children many Centuries Old tales that go back her entire lineage. She is proud. She is defiant. She knows more than most people give her credit for knowing. And in this blind alleyway, the children come and they listen and they hear. Often times, they tell Granny Z the really horrible realities of their child lives. And when necessary, Officer Oliver is called upon to aid that child. Officer Oliver is a New York City Police Supervisor.
At the same time, Granny Z's son, Richard and his best friend Buster "Bull Dog" Brocks go to Vietnam during the Vietnam Conflict. And in a horrible ambush, both men are brought back to America to undergo many surgeries to help fix their broken bodies. Both men will one day receive the Medal of Honor. But the two after leaving the hospitals, turn to the greatest college in America, UCLA, for their degrees. And Rick's wife, Taneeka, goes too and receives her college degree.
Then the two men take on a daunting task and become LAPD Officers. Then the two move up through the ranks and both men become Supervisors.
Now, Dr. Bahu, is one of the main repeated characters in Granny Z's tales. He was once the Leader of his tribe in Africa. Then after his underground training by all the animals, he goes to medical school in England and then moves to New Orleans where he searches for any other Bahu member. But he is lost as so many have changed their names or had their names changed for them. But he will not quit and he risks his own life and the lives of his family in helping as many slaves as he can achieve some sense of freedom..
Then comes the son, JeanPaul Roosevelt. And when he hears Granny Z's tale about Preddo, the powerful, so powerful Panther, he then tells everyone that he is the Panther. And he may very well be. And he learns to fight. To street fight. But the situation in Los Angeles is too volatile for Taneeka and she hauls back to New York City to live and raise her son. But then trouble brews and the son is sent to live with the two men he considers his fathers.
In Los Angeles, there is a horrible group of foreign men that are shooting up the city in Drive-by shootings. It is horrific. And many are hurt and injured or forfeited. The Panther and Rick and Buster all become victims of the Shooters. And the Shooters must be stopped.
At Pride's Place, underground World-Class Forfeit Fights are taking place. And the Shooters get involved in that to gain monies for their ever moving deeds of carnage. And JeanPaul, the Panther, has to fight a fight to the forfeit so that the world-renown criminologist, Dr. Weaver, can decipher secret carvings left behind after the fight.
But the Panther needs help. And Kim, a tremendous Korean War Hero, helps. But Kim was once a fighter on the World Class Forfeit Circuit. And Kim saved the life of General Reynolds during the Korean Conflict. But the Panther needs more help and another World Class Fighter joins the group to aid JeanPaul and he is Senshi. And Senshi is another World Class Martial Arts Forfeit Fighter an and comes from Japan. And others are enlisted to help as well. And they do.
Along in the mix of things are entertaining tales of King Frog, Hercules Two, and many other colorful characters. But then there are the tales that intermix with tales from the Bible. And then there are the tales of Ruth.
But the most important thing is that God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God's Angels are in this book for good measure. A new and meaningful dialogue between the whole World and God needs to begin immediately. And trying to say things with a newness of freshness to help heal a hurting Nation is a real part of this book. This book is for all Peoples. And after reading it, the saga continues in A Panther's Father-Book Two. Book Three will be out in Decembe'17.



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A Panther's Father-Book One James Brown

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